China Evergrande sells entire stake in streaming platform HengTen…

Mr De Lacy was later chairman of nine companies including Ergon Energy, Queensland Sugar, Cubbie Group, Trinity Property Group, CEC Group, Hynes Lawyers, Nimrod Resources, China Oil and Foodstuffs Corporation Australia, and Integrated Food and Energy Development.

** “Recent remarks around a policy easing stance and an A-share structural inflow catalyst are positive, but pressure lingers on the earnings front and consensus’ estimates reduction could last for longer,” Morgan Stanley said in a note.

The company added that 20% of the deal consideration will be payable within five business days from the date of the agreement, while the remainder will be completed within two months, according to the Hong Kong stock exchange filing.

The Shenzhen-based real estate company has been stumbling from deadline to deadline in recent weeks as it grapples with more than $300 billion in liabilities, $19 billion of which are international market bonds.

day.  Barclaycard said that as of 1pm, transactions were up 23.3 per cent compared with the same date in 2020. Nationwide also announced its customers had made 1.3 million Slot Online transactions by 9am, up almost a quarter on la

David Katzmaier/CNET

Speaking of high-end TVs, Samsung’s QN90A TV is another one of our favorites that just got a Black Friday price cut. This TV uses QLED TV tech augmented by mini-LED for a brighter image than any OLED TV. The spectacular contrast of OLED still won out in my side-by-side tests, so I still recommend the LG C1 overall, but the QN90A comes closer than ever. And in the 85-inch size, this Samsung costs a lot less than the 83-inch C1.

SHANGHAI, Nov 26 (Reuters) – China stocks fell on Friday as domestic COVID-19 cases and a new and possibly vaccine-resistant coronavirus variant weighed on investor sentiment, with semiconductor-related and energy shares leading the drop.


This 65-inch TV from Element runs Roku’s streaming software for easy access to all your favorite apps, and has a thin bezel to make it look even better when it’s hanging on your wall. It’s a newer model, and while it may not have all the bells and whistles that other models do, the price more than makes up for that.

Drew Evans/CNET

Samsung’s  looks like no other TV. Its ultrathin screen can double as a place to display digital art and measures just 24.9mm thick, similar to a typical picture frame. By subscribing to Samsung’s Art Store for $5 per month, you can access over 1,400 pieces of art to show on the screen. The Frame TV comes in a wide range of sizes — from 32 to 75 inches — and each model has large discounts at Amazon and elsewhere. 

Evergrande’s unit entered into an agreement with Allied Resources Investment Holdings Ltd to sell 1.66 billion HengTen shares at HK$1.28 per share, at a discount of 24% to its closing price on Wednesday.

Evergrande, the world’s most indebted developer, said it would realise a loss of HK$8.5 billion from the sale of its stake in HengTen, in which Chinese gaming and social media giant Tencent Holdings holds around a 20% share.

ars.  And although it was traditionally limited to November 26, major outlets including Asda, Currys, GAME and John Lewis have all planned for longer sales in 2021, despite lingering supply chain concerns affecting stock levels and delivery driver recruitment stallin

David Katzmaier/CNET

This midrange TV is pretty much the baseline for very good image quality. It’s one of the least expensive TVs with , which lets it serve up good-looking  video, and also has  for gaming. We didn’t like it as much as the TCL 6-Series in our side-by-side comparison, but it does cost less.

After becoming treasurer upon the election of a Labor government in 1989, Mr De Lacy was instrumental in passing a number of laws to reform fair trading, public superannuation, state-owned companies, gambling and workers compensation.

ear.  Rob Cameron, chief executive officer of Barclaycard Payments, said: ‘It’s clear that there is still appetite for the savings that are to be had, and consumers are making the most of shops being open to pick up a festiv

Industry insiders are predicting 2021 could be the most lucrative Black Friday ever seen in Britain, with an average spend of £300 and fashion, electricals and health and beauty topping consumer spending

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. (AP) – A federal district judge rejected a stay requested by the Seminole Tribe of Florida late Wednesday after an earlier ruling blocked the tribe’s deal with the state to expand gambling and online sports betting statewide.

The state and tribe had argued that because the computer servers processing the bets would be on tribal lands, bettors could wager from their phone or kiosks at race tracks and non-Indian casinos anywhere in the state and meet the federal standard.

David Katzmaier/CNET

 is currently CNET’s pick for the best TV for high-end shoppers. It offers ridiculously deep black levels and punchy contrast that even the best LCD and QLED TVs can’t match, as well as cutting-edge gaming features such as  VRR, 4K/120Hz input and an all-new Game Optimizer mode with numerous extra settings. It’s also our  to pair with an  or  (or both).


What Are The Advantages of Buying Freshwater Fish For Sale Online?

‘I don’t think mental illness per se runs in our family. … I always am very careful about the implications of [saying] that, which can be so negative rather than saying, “Hey, my father suffered from depression, and we didn’t know it until it was too late and we had already survived his suicide,”‘ she said. 

Griffin’s winning bid came after an eight-minute battle with the coalition of cryptocurrency fanatics, and it more than doubles the $20 million that the document was thought to be worth – setting a world auction record for any book, manuscript, historical document or printed text, Sotheby’s said in a statement Friday. 

The MP said he has been ‘desperately worried’ about ‘comments, threats and intimidation’ that have been made against his family, staff and colleagues since he announced his support for the government’s pandemic bill.

A first edition copy of US constitution (pictured) has sold at auction for $43million after a mystery investor outbid crypto crowd-funders who raised $40million to buy the 1787 document ‘for the people’

Selby Kiffer, a manuscripts and ancient books expert at Sotheby’s, said in September that this copy was probably part of an edition of 500 printed the day before the signing, and likely came off the printing presses on the evening of September 16 1787.

The move would let the health minister make ‘any order’ he deems reasonably necessary’ which could include lockdowns, vaccine mandates, enforced mask-wearing and much more, with fines of up to $454,350 for rule-breakers.

Last month in a recorded conversation at the Economic Club of Chicago, he told attendees that he does not use or own cryptocurrency due to its ‘regulatory uncertainty,’ adding that he ‘wished all this passion and energy that went into crypto was directed toward making the United States stronger.’ 

‘I have abandonment issues that are very difficult for me at times for different reasons in my life, but my dad killing himself when I was 18 years old — it affects you. So it’s always been a very big discussion in our house.’

y Now, you will no longer have to go for those old fish in the supermarket or get into the smelly seafood markets to for buying freshwater fish, as with online stores you can place your order anytime and from anywhere at your own conven

The item was one of only 11 known surviving copies of the US charter, signed on September 17, 1787 at Philadelphia’s Independence Hall by America’s founding fathers including George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and James Madison

uash and… No-fuss fish: Ginger and lemongrass salmon with greens in a… No-fuss fish: Fish stew with chorizo, bay and tomatoes  No-fuss fish: Anchovy, broccoli, chilli and garlic pasta  No-fuss fish:

Rivers will pay tribute to the 2,160 lives lost to suicide each day at the Alive Together: Uniting to Prevent Suicide event that will be live-streamed globally from Exposition Park in Los Angeles on Sunday. 

The 53-year-old daughter of iconic comedian Joan Rivers and TV producer Edgar Rosenberg has been candid with her only child about depression and suicide, but she admitted it was difficult to keep the lines of communication open during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

‘It was scary. With my son, I had to really encourage conversation, because he’s not the kind of kid that does that, yet he’s very, very sensitive,’ she explained ‘We had to talk about how hard it was, and encourage him and his friends to have these conversations.’ 

Melissa Rivers has opened up about her fears for her 20-year-old son Cooper Endicott’s mental health, saying they have had many conversations about her father’s suicide and how there is a ‘genetic component’ he needs to be aware of. 

‘We keep lame cows separately in the central loose-bedded area, which one of the cameras filmed.
This area is overlooked by a viewing area. The cows have to be walked out of this area to be examined by the vet who visits regularly.

C fan/gas 7.

In a medium-sized roasting tin, toss together the chorizo, onions, garlic, bay, rosemary, chilli flakes, celery and olive oil. Pop into the oven for about 10-15 minutes until the onions and celery are tender and

Free shipping on orders: Online stores do realize that you need seafood every now and then. Considering this most of them have waived their shipping charges, ensuring that you pay only for what you get; no shipping fees or any other service ch

Hello there! I am Richa Singh, and I live in Mumbai.
I have always been a lover of . No doubt, Hamvi is one of the best places in the online world where you can get freshwater fish for sale at reasonable


This is not only due to the freshness that come with but most of the stores offer rebates, discounts and much more which reduces the price to a certain extent. In addition to that, the more you buy the more you

Next Food: Slot Jackpot Terbesar No-fuss fish  No-fuss fish: Lemony whole trout atop sticky green beans and… No-fuss fish: Spiced tamarind and coconut prawns with… No-fuss fish: Roast hake with black lentil


Stitching connections between cultures

Fisher was also selected for inclusion in the 2017 Sharjah Islamic Arts Festival in the UAE, for which she expanded her needlepoint practice into three dimensions by creating a life-sized sculptural installation.

The socialite has now revealed how she first met now-husband Briano Martinoni Caleppio, who is her second cousin once removed, ten years ago, telling : ‘It was the summer of my high school graduation and we had a little flirt but it didn’t last long and left me heart broken. He managed to get me back!’

El Dia de los Muertos traces its roots to the Aztec empire, but the holiday has spread around the world, being absorbed by a variety of cultures wishing to honor their dead in a joyous rather than sorrowful manner.

Rather than mournful events, the holiday, observed every Nov. 2, celebrates death as a part of the cycle of life, thereby dispelling fear of dying. The holiday also often serves as a source of comfort and community.

Step aside, Lewis Hamilton! Everton striker Dominic… Meet the Real Housewives of Dubai! As hit franchise… No wonder he’s People’s Sexiest Man Alive: Paul Rudd, 52,… Belgium’s hidden princess no more! King Philippe’s…

The celebration traditionally features gatherings in which families pray and remember relatives and friends who have died and help them with their spiritual journey. Homes and cemeteries are adorned with colorful ofrendas, or altars, decorated with orange Mexican marigolds, sugar skulls and burning candles.

Original 1960s Playboy Bunnies have revealed what it was really like to pose for the famous magazine and work at the brand’s clubs, sharing everything from memories of Hugh Hefner to the strict grooming rules they were made to follow. 

“I was especially taken by ‘zellige’ mosaic tile work, which is beautiful and labour-intensive, because each tile is hand-chiselled and painted and then configured into the design to create geometric motifs,” she says.

After Briano proposed in January 2020,  the pair tied-the-knot in a glamorous ceremony in Venice last month, with Vera opting to wear a sustainable recycled nylon Prada gown and her mother’s tiara for the event. 

In addition to Morocco, she has undertaken research in the United Arab Emirates, recreating sections of the world’s largest hand-woven Persian carpet, which can be found in Abu Dhabi’s Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.

Revealing what it was really like during the early days of the brand, Kathryn Leigh Scott and Jaki Nett; Playmate Jeannie Bell and the daughter of the first Playboy centrefold have shared their experiences in a new podcast . 

e. As you can guarantee something will get spilt on it during the day on your flower girl’s dress don’t spend a fortune.

Ensure it can be dry cleaned with your gown if you want her to be able to keep it as a memento of th

Although you might have to keep other flower bulbs till the conditions of weather are not more suitable or till a new bed is not ready properly. When you are waiting to plant those bulbs, it is necessary to keep and store them in dry, cool, Daftar Situs Slot and well-ventilated condition away from the predators such as squirrels or mic

Google joined in celebrating the holiday on Tuesday with an animated Doodle showing a family member laying a path of marigold petals for their departed loved ones to follow home. Inside, the altars are surrounded by food such as pan de muertos (bread of dead) and pictures and mementos of deceased loved ones.

You should purchase bulbs when they are easily accessible in the garden centers and also plant them as early as possible. On the other hand, you can buy them as developing plants in the green. While other storage issues can rise while the gardening bulbs have been picked up so early that typically occurs while tulips bulbs are being picked up right before the leaves of tulips have died dow

“I’ve been stitching for 40 years, and prior to visiting Morocco, I was making one-metre-square canvases of single flower blooms like gerbera or iris,” Fisher says over tea at her home in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs.

Tuesday is El Dia de los Muertos, or the Day of the Dead, an ancient holiday in Mexico’s Indigenous communities that celebrates death and loved ones who’ve passed on and helps the living reconnect with the deceased.

The couple, who are both descendants of King Louis XIV of France through King Ferdinando IV of the Two Sicilies and his wife, Archduchess Maria Carolina of Austria, married in a glamorous wedding in 1988.

The Height of Plant: What silhouettes, shapes, and sizes to introduce structure and interest?

Don’t vacillate to mix slender iris with ball-shaped allium or pointy muscari with daisy-like anemones. There are millions of probable marriages, so be creativ

If you find the air damp, then you should store them in the enclosed bags because bacterial infections can easily set in and on the outer part of the flower bulb you can see a blue mold on. You must not plant such bulbs which come out with disfiguremen




Tiskano je III izdanje knjige “Pakao je počeo u Bleiburgu”. Sjećanja iz prve ruke. Tema: predaja na Bleiburgu, križni put, logori.

Knjgu šaljem poštom, ako uplatite 80,00 kn na račun firme i pošaljete  adresu putem messengera, vibera na 098 244 144, (ili na grupama “Dubrovnik nekad i sad” i “Ratovi na dubrovačkom području”) ili na Poštarina za Hrvatsku je u cijeni.

Broj računa nakladnika je: Alat Dubrovnik d.o.o., Kneza Domagoja 9, Dubrovnik, IBAN: HR8024840081101838011.

Za kupnju 3 i više knjiga cijena je 65,00 kn. Također za sve učesnike i rodbinu učesnika Bleiburške tragedije, Križnih puteva i logora.

Knjigu je za vrijeme domovinskog rata (vratila su se sjećanja) napisao moj pok. otac, koji je Bleiburg, križni put i logore prošao i preživio. (Bogu hvala i bl. Stepincu) A nama su 45 godina sve skrivali, nije se smjelo ni spomenuti Bleiburg. Ali, danas je druga klima, zločini se otkrivaju. Zločinci dobivaju imena.

Vaši komentari su poželjni i bio bih Vam zahvalan na kratkom osvrtu, na adresi

S poštovanjem,

Dubravko Lasić


Dan neovisnosti

I tako smo se razdružili s njima, a oni navališe “da nas udruže”. Ali nije išlo. Toliko o današnjem danu. Dovoljno je.

A kad pogledam, eto tri godine sam bio aut. Ali, slike su tu, dnevnici su tu. Poneka slika je nestala, ali potrudit ću se naći ih. Nešto me omela bolest, nešto jedan novi “poslić”, Facebook grupa “Dubrovnik nekad i sad”, puno starih slika Dubrovnika i okolice. I puno vremena za “popravak ” tih starih negativa, vrijeme je nažalost pokazalo “zub vremena”. 



Idu dani…

E, da, prolaze dani, tjedni, mjeseci i godine… Život svašta donosi. Admin je Bogu hvala živ, pa upućuje svoju zahvalnost transplantacijskom timu kliničke bolnice Merkur u Zagrebu. Zahvalan sam im beskrajno, vratili su me sa “one” crte natrag u život! Naučio sam i koliko je ta crta tanka. Danas sve štima, a sutra – uspavaju te i poprave kvar, za koji nisi niti znao da postoji! I eto me, ko novi sam, nakon 3 mjeseca i 25 dana!


Idu dani

idu godine. Blog se vrti i tu je, ali ima nekih problema, nestao je dio slika. Pa se izgubio (zapisani) password, što je admin hostinga riješio.

Ali barem sada znam što treba popraviti…


Sveti Nikola

I eto nam još jednom svetog Nikole, sa šibom, ugljenom i darovima. One 1991 na svetog Nikolu darivali su nas Bizantinci darovima, slali su ih sa Osojnika, Žarkovice, sa topovnjače itd, bili su explozivni, praskavi i nadasve – smrtonosni. Ko da ih je sam vrag tog dana obuzeo, sipali su na nas oganj, čelik i olovo… A meni se nije sklanjalo, “puko mi film”… Sjedao sam prilično gladan u boravku i mislio: pa ako će baš po meni, a neka ide u neku stvar, jer i tako su nam od života učinili cirkus i to onaj u kojemu se i živi i umire. Zavisi samo od nišana na bacaču ili topu. I prošlo je i to, a zidine su još stajale oko Grada, stajao je Revelin, Minčeta, Lovrijenac, Sveti Ivan… Sve je stajalo, mada su se zbilja trudili da sve satru i da nas zatru. I nisu uspjeli… i nikad neće!! Ako su ondašnji branitelji ostarili, doći će novi, mlađi, poučeni domovinskim ratom, ali ovaj put sa dovoljno oružja i streljiva u rukama. Pa neka se usude letjeti ili broditi – neće dugo!! S neba na zemlju, a sa površine na dno!

Svim braniteljima koji su svoje živote utkali u tkivo zidina, neka je laka zemlja Hrvatska.



Prolaze godine…

01.10.1991. jutro, napali su Dubrovnik.

01.10.2015. u isto vrijeme sjećam se tog čina u koji sam bio prisiljen povjerovati, do tog momenta sam još bio naivac koji je mislio da je tako nešto nemoguće. Podcijenio sam barbare s istoka… One iste koji i danas dižu glas i ponašaju se kao uvrijeđene primadone. Oni, osvajači, rušitelji, palitelji i razbojnici. Ako i nisu svi, dosta ih je bilo koji su došli s tim ciljem, nebi li tako oteli naše.

Hvala svima koji su pali u obrani domovine. To su oni pravi branitelji, ti spadaju u onaj broj pravih. Slava im!




Svjetlo slobode!

Zoran Erceg:

Pitaju me neki u komentarima di sam bio na današnji dan prije 22 godine. Znam, sićan se di sam bio na današnji dan 1992 godine.

Točno u ponoć upalili smo prvo svitlo na zamračenom Jadranu. Naime, zbog pomorske blokade od strane JNA svi svjetionici su bili pogašeni na hrvatskom Jadranu. U znak priznanja Hrvatske države od europskih zemalja, moja ekipa iz Odreda naoružanih brodova HRMa Dubrovnik i stari svjetioničar prebacili smo se na svjetionik sv. Andrija pokraj Dubrovnika. Akumulatorske baterije bile su prazne ali zahvaljujući očuvanosti i odličnom stanju starog mehanizma iz doba Austrougarske upalili smo svjetlo na svjetioniku točno u ponoć.

Kako je neprijateljska vojska imala optičku vidljivost iz nedalekog Zatona očekivali smo da će za oni pucati po nama kada vide upaljeno svjetlo na svjetioniku.

Bilo je zanimljivo osjećati se kao glineni golub na streljani. Čekali smo par minuta na vrhu svjetionika a onda smo se počeli spuštati u podnožje.

Ukrcali smo se na glisere i vratili u Zapovjedništvo a da nije bilo vatrenog djelovanja.

Gušt je bio pokazati ponos.

Onako, iz dišpeta, smile emoticon prema njima a pred cijevima njihovih topova sa torpednih čamaca Jugoslavenske ratne mornarice usidrenih u uvali Zaton pokraj Dubrovnika.

—  osjećam se ponosno.


Slava im!

“Crni petak” dubrovački, 06.12.1991. dan kad se ginulo i kad su potpuno razulareni i bijesni četnici sasuli tone čelika na grad. Zato je to dan koji budi sjećanja i na rat i nevolje i na hrabre ljude koji su krenuli braniti grad. Slava svima koji su svoje živote utkali u slobodu Hrvatske!



Njesam skoro godinu dana ništa postavio na blog… proletila godina, neznam kad i kako. I evo, došla zima, pa sam nastavio i čitam ovo što sam danas postavio – “Ratni dnevnik tete Anke”. I po tko zna koji put, nakon 23 godine, zazebe oko srca, zaboli opet sva ta neljudskost i divljaštvo te jugoarmade, tih četnika koji su se maskirali u sve i svašta. Pa ma gdje mi bili na nekim listama – opet živimo neusporedivo bolje od tih istočnih komšija! Kojima čak i braća Rusi zabiše kajlu u naftovod…


Ratni dnevnik tete Anke 20 dio

10. studeni

Sinoć smo opet legli u robi oko ponoća. Jutros smo se za sreću ranije probudili, tako da sam do sedam sati uspjela donijeti more iz bazena za banju, a Pero nije dobio vodu za piće. Pomela sam i sobu, jer je bila puna stakla. Baš sam mela balkon kad je opet počelo, najprije po Srđu, vidjeli smo kako dimi, a odma i oko nas. Pobjegli smo u sklonište, a puca sve jače. Za doručak smo uzeli samo kruh i margarin, iako je kuhan i čaj. Gledamo što prije pobjeći iz restorana. Za objed sam skuhala juhu, pa nam je dobrodošla. U međuvremenu su još neke granate pogodile naš hotel. Continue Reading »


Ratni dnevnik tete Anke 19 dio

This entry is part 19 of 19 in the series Ratni dnevnik
  1. studeni

Sinoć smo s balkona gledali dvije topovnjače iza Grebena. Nešto prije toga kružili su avioni, tako da smo dobar dio večeri bili u skloništu. Sa topovnjača se pucalo, ali ne dugo, pa je i ova noć protekla mirno. Sada čujemo mitraljez, ali to nam je normalno. Mi više iz hotela ne izlazimo. Izgleda mi da se i Pero straši, više ne zove u šetnju, a trebali bi i u kupovinu pa on neće, a onda neću ni ja. Jučer mi je jedna Konavoka kupila štrucu kruha, a danas sam zamolila Mariju Crnčević da mi kupi margarin i ako nađe beškot. Stomak mi je slabo, jer više nema ni bijele kafe, ni zeleni, ni voća, NIŠTA. Jučer je u skloništu jedna cavtajka samnom podijelila kikaricu kafe. To je prvi put u ratu da pijem kafu iz kikarice. Continue Reading »


Ratni dnevnik tete Anke 18 dio

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  1. studeni

Opet nas budi sirena za prestanak opće opasnosti (mislim da ni oni koji s njom upravljaju ne znaju kada koju upotrebiti). Jutro je kišovito. Pero i dalje kašlje, pa od danas neće da pije nikakve lijekove, jer mu ne pomažu. Jučer nam nije došla cisterna s vodom, a neće ni danas. Nemamo još nego čašu vode. Nema ni kuhanja, pa su jutros mlijeko u prahu kuhali umjesto vodom, morem. Za objed imamo po jedan sendvić. I tako je dobro, imamo krov nad glavom, moramo izdržati. Jučer nas je pozvao Drago Moravec da dođemo malo u njega. Oni su u Gradu kod kćeri. Jutros sam bila u pošti. Naša pošta i osoblje je preselilo na Babin Kuk. Continue Reading »